Our Chicken Coop

Picture showing the entrance to the run and coop. Picture showing the side of the coop and the enclosure. My husband built this chicken coop all by himself and I helped where I could. We used hail proof sheeting for the roof as we do get hail in summer. The coop has plenty ventilation around the top just under the roof and also a window. There is a big door with a smaller door for the chickens. I requested that the coop be off the floor completely so that the chickens have a shelter underneath the coop. This is where I sprinkle ashes mixed with DE (Diatomaceous Earth) so that they can dust bathe. We placed fencing around the run as there are times where the chickens must be closed in the run for their own safety. The coop is big enough for about ten plus chickens but I believe in giving my girls as much space as possible so for now there are only two adult hens, two pullets and one chick sharing this space. My husband also attached a natural perch as I wanted my girls to feel as if they are roosting in a tree and I supplied the pre-made nest boxes in which they instinctually know to lay their eggs. Because my girls are fed early on winter mornings I asked my hubby to organize a light and he supplied the coop with a solar panel which runs two LED lights, one inside and one outside. What a pleasure to have lights and see what I am doing instead of pfaffing in the coop in the darkness.

Picture with the perch and nest boxes. Picture with the solar panel box which turns sunlight to electricity. Picture of Solar Panel on Hail proof roofing.

The main wooden door (for human entry) also has a pop hole with a grid attached on the inside. On cold winter nights all doors are closed and during summer the little wooden door is left open but the grid is down so my girls are safe from unwanted visitors but stay cool at the same time. The window too can be closed during really cold nights or thunderstorms and also has a grid to keep other birds from entering the coop. This grid cannot be opened or closed. Before the big coop was built .

The very first home I organized my girls. Their second home which I built myself and which hubby described as a squatter camp I think he had a point but it did the job and the hens did not mind one way or another.