My hens:

In 2009 I acquired 3 purebred point of lay Boschveld hens from the inventor of the Boschveld Chicken Mike Bosch of Bela Bela in Limpopo. My three ladies arrived and even laid eggs on their first day with us. A little down the line one of the hens was getting too noisy. So noisy in fact that a good friend who lives on a plot adopted her. The other two, Danu & Isis, remain on. But unfortunately Isis has some serious separation anxiety issues when Danu decides to lay an egg and Isis is all alone in the garden. So I decided to make my little flock bigger in 2010. I wanted a Black Australorp pullet and a Rhode Island Red pullet. But unfortunately the breeder I used to acquire my next lot of birds only had one Black Australorp and no Rhode Island Reds and I had to settle for a Koekoek pullet to keep the Australorp company as they grew up.

Above left: Freya and next to her is Isis. Below left: Danu and next to her is Sita.

It was fun raising Freya (the Australorp) and Sita (the Koekoek). Freya became so tame she would find a way into the house and visit with us before going outside again. We could pick her up and cuddle her and she was fine with this. Sadly she was poisoned and I lost my dear friend early 2012. Sita was sold in 2012 as a laying hen (she was a very reliable layer) as I had not originally planned on having a Koekoek. As it is, I found the Koekoek temperament to be aggressive and almost nasty whereas even the Boschveld and Australorp birds are peaceful birds with very sweet temperaments. So in January 2012 I brought home 2 Rhode Island Red pullets (Juno & Flora) and 1 Black Australorp pullet (Maya).

They were terribly shy in the beginning but have tamed beautifully. The reason I bought these three little ones was because I was actually waiting for Danu to become broody so I could stick fertile eggs underneath her. But as luck would have it Danu decided not to become broody like she used to and only a month into having Juno, Flora & Maya did Danu all of a sudden display broody behaviour after making me wait over a year!!! Anyhow, I still wanted Danu to experience motherhood and so I contacted a local Boschveld breeder who had fertile eggs. Of the 10 eggs we placed under Danu she hatched out 6 fluffy little chicks in March 2012. Danu has shown to be very capable in looking after them and the rest of the flock dare not come to close.