Every now and then my ladies donít lay quite enough eggs and then I have to purchase some. This is always an opportunity for some comparison. If I must buy eggs I will purchase only Free-range if it is the Boschveld chickens or Organic eggs. All from a well known shop of course Ė with the high price to boot. Anyway, Easter 2012 presented just such an opportunity. So I took some pics and also did a weigh in to see just how Isisís egg compared at this stage of her life to the shop bought Free-range and Organic eggs.

Left: the Free-range egg 50g Middle: the egg that Isis laid 60g Right: Organic egg 45g

Obviously Isis is 3 years of age and the older the hen the bigger the eggs. We all know that the eggs from shops come from very young point of lay hens who donít have a very long laying life anyway and will lay smaller eggs according to their age. They are also fed accordingly whereas Isisís diet is anything but conventional.