Chicken Language

Yes, even chickens talk. Because I spend so much time with them I have learned that they very many ways to express themselves. There is the drawn out noise which usually translated as a “hello” as I usually get this sound from all my girls when I see them after not having seen them for a while. Danu has learned to make a noise similar to a growl (but not quite) and this is her version of begging food from me for her chicks. Then there is the purr which is a sign of contentment. The loud annoyed squaak if they don’t like something, like being picked up or being pecked on the head by one of the others. The warning cluck if one of the cats enters the vicinity, that’s if Mona does not beat them to it to announce the predator and bomb dive the cat accordingly, which the chickens find very amusing. And then my favourite, a soft clucky type noise they make when you spend time in their company talking to them and just hanging about. Even the chicks have a language all of their own and I see just how Danu responds to their different calls

In my home everyone gets along