Chicken Politics

Believe it or not but chickens have politics. As I have one large flock which has sub-divided itself into smaller flocks it is very interesting watching the “politics”. If anything Danu, currently mommy Danu, is the lead hen out of all of them. Next in line is Isis and following her, the trio with their own little hierarchy. Danu and the chicks stay together most of the time and Isis who would love to be with Danu constantly but is chased away, as Danu is worried about her chicks, poor Isis is her very own flock as the trio spend time together in their own mini flock. The flocks intermingle all the time but you can see their divisions too. What I do not understand is the following. Shortly after allowing Danu out of the coop with her babies an Indian Mynah bird adopted herself into Danu’s mini flock of chicks. Its interesting as the Mynah (we have now named her Mona as she moans a lot) carries food in her mouth all the time teasing the chicks with the food (anything from worms to other insects). The chicks run after her calling for her to feed them and after a lengthy time of chasing her Mona eventually gives them the food or allows at least two chicks to tackle the food out of her beak. What I do not understand at all is how tolerant Danu is of all of this. She does not chase Mona at all and will allow her very close to her and her chicks. I suppose that realizing that Mona also protects the chicks from the cats and various other creatures have endeared her to Danu as a second mommy who is looking out for the chicks. Why the Mynah is doing this we don’t understand either. We are guessing that she lost her partner and her chick and is so broody and missing her family that she adopted six chicken chicks thanks to Danu allowing this.