A Little History

Keeping chickens in your backyard can be very challenging. Not only do you not have large area to work with but you need to consider your neighbours too. Therefore the space you have and the type of chickens you get all play a factor. Never mind the fact that you cannot keep a rooster and this makes breeding a tad difficult. I learnt by experience as getting hold of any useful information was not easy. Sure there is internet but everything is geared to overseas and South Africa is just not offering information a backyard poultry keeper needs. I am therefore hoping that with this website we chicken lovers can share our experiences. Before I acquired any chickens I did a lot of reading and researching of the breeds that would be available to me. I wanted quiet birds that would lay very well. Birds that would be hardy yet have a good temperament too. I wanted to feed them as naturally as I could as I do not believe in feeding Starter, Layers or Growers pellets when the ingredients are not even listed on the packets and I cannot ascertain if the ingredients are GM free (GM can also be described as Frankenfood!). This meant researching what chickens naturally would need to eat at the different ages. Finding breeders was not easy either. But with lots of persistence, patience and research I have did find what I needed. I could state that at this stage my chickens are all organically kept, not just free range but really organically kept.